Upgrading branch security, Modus works carefully to retain the integrity of secure lines in a regional location with limited access to resources and suppliers.

Project Size

Custom project


10 Days




CommBank required an upgrade of the physical security to the Forbes branch, which included the demolition of internal partition walls to the front of house and secure areas including the teller and ATM room. All works had to be completed outside of trading hours to ensure the branch’s ability to operate was unaffected, while maintaining security at all times.



Modus engaged its highly experienced Project Management team that has an outstanding track record in the banking sector. An initial site­‐survey determined upgrades that would meet CommBank’s standard and not interfere with security lines. Modus collaborated with the branch manager to ensure that the construction program would provide them with a suitable environment to trade each day, while ensuring that the works were completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The project assessment indicated that the use of local resources could not guarantee key deliverables could be met. Modus’ core team of contractors where brought in from Sydney to ensure that the works were completed to CommBank’s standards and without delay. The Site Manager’s careful attention to detail ensured that the agreed-­upon schedule of works was completed on time and without incident.