Caltex Toowoomba

Modus demolishes existing building and delivers a fully furbished Caltex in 8 weeks

Project Size



8 weeks


Project Management



Despite lacking documentation on the existing building and site measurements, Modus was pressed to start, as Caltex required a very tight time frame for this project. As always, the Modus team was up for the challenge.



For the development plan, the Modus project team drew heavily on their previous experience with Caltex projects. Confident about the ability to deliver, project and site managers took the lead. Major executive decisions were taken on behalf of the client, ensuring short communication lines with all stakeholders and swift execution at all stages of the project.

Demolishing the existing construction before the final project plan was presented gave Modus the necessary head start. Once all the documents were available, the construction of the new Caltex site, including delivery of the complete commercial fit-out, was completed without any delays.

The entire project was accomplished within the requested time frame, with the end product bearing all the Modus hallmarks of excellence and ingenuity.