Excellent teamwork between site developer, Modus and various local contractors ensures flawless delivery of new regional service station.

Project Size



8 Weeks


Project Management



In this large-scale project, Modus worked as part of an extensive team, responsible for several key deliverables for the new site. Modus delivered two new fuel canopies and fitted out the Caltex store with an ensuite trucker’s lounge and a disability ensuite and showers.



Working closely with the site developer and the other companies on site, Modus chose to use mainly local contractors for the job. This was done from a practical perspective and also to support the local community in the region.

The Modus team were heavily present in the early stages of the project, overseeing the excavation activities and the installation of the tank farm. This high-risk operation with heavy machinery such as crane lifts was handled with a 100% safety rate.

At a later stage, Modus performed the fit out works in the building. All mechanical and electrical systems were tested and conditioned with due diligence and in accordance to the high standards as required by the industry.

Caltex was handed over a fully fitted, brand new service station within the agreed time frame, despite weather setbacks.