A six-week program downsizes the retail branch footprint, returning de-fitted space to the landlord in meticulous order.

Project Size



6 weeks


Project Management



ANZ sought to reduce its retail branch size while optimising service efficiency and customer engagement. Modus was engaged to complete a two-part approach. The first stage was to downsize the original branch footprint to two thirds of the floor, with the other third being de-fitted for return to landlord. The second stage was to carry out a comprehensive branch refurbishment to launch a leaner, more efficient branch space.

Key client values were to deliver the project on time through day works only and to return the de-fitted floor portion to the landlord in excellent condition.



Modus launched an expedited six-week work program. The dual elements of the project were strategically staged to fast-track branch re-opening and business continuity while minimising noise, dust and other work impacts on surrounding areas. Tight timeframes and confinement to day works only were key challenges within this project. Modus overcame such challenges with meticulous planning, clear stakeholder communication and a highly experienced, professional pool of both in-house specialists and handpicked contractors.

Branch refurbishment was delivered over a four-week period. The tier-three design and refurbishment delivered a more compact yet compelling open plan work and service space together with private meeting rooms, toilet and tea point facilities. Excellent use was made of the open plan zones with a design focus on efficient service flow and customer ease of navigation.

The one-third floor de-fit was conducted over an express two weeks. It was crucial that this space was restored to its original state and handed back to the landlord in meticulous functional order. Modus ensured that all landlord contractual requirements and quality expectations were met. The team managed all demolition, data and electrical infrastructure changes together with the removal of previous bank fittings such as vaults and tellers. The floor space was returned to the landlord in superlative condition.