Chesterton International receives a design and construct upgrade to reception and meeting room as part of the company’s rebranding.


10,000m² 5 sites


2 days


Project Management

The Challenge

Rebranding meant that Chesterton International also needed to reinvent their workspace to align with their new vision. Informal design concepts were provided and in order for Modus to scope the project. These included an upgrade of the reception desk, new 3-­D illuminated logo and feature wall panelling. Modus were engaged to refine designs and develop the scope for the client in order to present a professional outcome. All works had to be completed over one weekend.

The Solution

The Modus design team developed drawings and specifications to suit the client’s needs and enhance the new Chesterton brand. With meticulous attention to detail, designers highlighted potential issues not identified in the original scope of work to ensure the job was completed without delays.

Modus scheduled a number of site visits, collaborating closely with the client to guarantee materials and finishes supported the company’s goals and achieved the requisite welcoming and professional environment. All contractors were scheduled on a strict timeline allowing Modus to deliver an impeccable result in the allotted time. Modus projects have completed fit-outs within the below buildings for Chesterton International and their clients: 2 Elizabeth Plaza, 75 Miller St, 51 Berry St, 8 West St.